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Measuring Success

CocoaMAP(sm) is a World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) initiative to measure and report progress towards sustainability in the cocoa value chain.

CocoaMAP (Cocoa Measurement and Progress) is spearheading the development of a shared Key Performance Indicators (KPI) framework, data collection tools, and online KPI dashboard to assist WCF member companies, governments, and others to better measure, understand and manage their investments in sustainability at the farm level. 

CocoaMAP will deliver the most credible information available on measures of sustainability in the cocoa value chain.  Beginning in 2015, this information will be available through the CocoaMAP Online Dashboard.  Additionally, WCF is responding to the need for shared open-sourced methods and tools that support members’ data collection and management needs.

Global Benefits 

  • CocoaMAP collects and consolidates data from WCF member companies and other partners in the chocolate and cocoa industry to measure local and global indicators of people, planet, profit, and investments in sustainability.
  • Current company programs measure and evaluate sustainability within a company’s supply chain.  CocoaMAP will be the only industry-supported initiative that collects and evaluates comparable information across supply chains.
  • CocoaMAP provides shared methods and data collection support tools designed for compatibility and integration into current company M&E programs.
  • CocoaMAP supports WCF’s learning agenda through sharing best practices and reporting progress toward sustainable cocoa systems.

KPI Framework, Tools, and Reporting

CocoaMAP’s three components are essential to developing credible information on sustainability performance across the cocoa value chain:

  • CocoaMAP Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • CocoaMAP Farm Information Toolkit (FIT)
  • CocoaMAP Online Dashboard

Key Performance Indicators

CocoaMAP KPIs are developed by consensus among industry leaders and experts in the social, environmental, and economic dimensions of cocoa production and sustainability. These indicators of sustainability for people, planet, profitability, and investments deliver essential data to ensure the cocoa industry is measuring what matters.  The CocoaMAP KPIs are currently in use in multi-partner WCF strategies including CocoaAction, and WCF programs including the Cocoa Livelihoods Program and the African Cocoa Initiative.

Farm Information Toolkit

CocoaMAP Farm Information Toolkit (FIT) and the FIT Training Program are in development as open source tools for all WCF members.  The FIT toolkit complements and extends company data collection programs, efficiently filling gaps in existing data collection and supporting companies in collecting consistent data on cocoa farms and communities. 

CocoaMAP Online Dashboard

CocoaMAP Online Dashboard will provide secure access to reports, performance measures, and business intelligence tools for WCF members and other subscribers.  Subscriber access to CocoaMAP Online begins in 2015.

CocoaMAP Stakeholders

Stakeholders include WCF member companies, origin country governments, international organizations, certification groups, development agencies and foundations, NGOs, and implementers working in cocoa-growing regions. Their valuable input, feedback, and expert review are driving factors of the initiative.  

The current stakeholders group consists of representatives from the following organizations:

Barry Callebaut

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Blommer Chocolate Company


Clif Bar

Compania Nacional de Chocolates

Continaf B.V.



The German Development Corporation (GIZ)

Guittard Chocolate Company

The Hershey Company

The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH)

International Finance Corporation

IFC Biodiversity and Agricultural Commodities Program

ISEAL Alliance

The Manufacturing Confectioner

Mars, Incorporated

Mondelez International



Petra Foods Limited

Starbucks Coffee Company




World Bank

World Wildlife Fund


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