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Focus areas

Addressing critical issues

Together with our members, we identified the most pressing challenges demanding joint action. No single organisation can tackle these alone. We focus on three critical areas where collaboration can drive transformative change in addressing cocoa sector sustainability.

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We bring people in the cocoa industry together. We convene, co-create, and collaborate to improve farmer income, end deforestation and combat child labour. Together, we build impactful solutions for a more sustainable cocoa industry.

Our approach

Collaboration for sustainable growth

Convening cocoa sector stakeholders and promoting collaboration is at the core of our approach. To strengthen the sustainability of the cocoa sector requires the collective strength of diverse perspectives and stakeholders. By convening between key players within and beyond the sector, we create dialogue, exchange of ideas and cooperative problem-solving.

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What we do

Driving sector transformation

We drive cocoa industry sustainability by convening stakeholders, co-creating and leading sector-wide initiatives and collaborative programmes that are linked to private and public investments. We create tools and methods for impact measurement that are aligned across the sector. Our collaborative approach shows how partnerships can drive change, create ownership and ensure transparency.

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News & Resources

Cocoa sustainability news

Discover articles highlighting innovation, progress, and the latest news from the cocoa sector, WCF and its members.

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WCF’s vision is to be a catalyst for a thriving and equitable cocoa sector that is collaborating to improve farmer income, reverse deforestation and combat child labour.

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Partnership meetings

Annual meeting shaping the sector

Our annual partnership meeting brings together key stakeholders in the global cocoa and chocolate sector. It is a critical forum for robust discussions and collaborative efforts focused on sustainability. This unique gathering aligns the industry towards impactful global actions and solutions.

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Leading the way for cocoa sustainability

The World Cocoa Foundation is an international membership organisation representing the global cocoa and chocolate sectors. Its members include farmer cooperatives, cocoa processors, chocolate manufacturers, and supply chain companies worldwide.

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