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Farmer story

Lucas, a farmer from Côte d’Ivoire, applies agroforestry techniques and talks about how that supports alternatives sources of income.

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Our perspective on how to end deforestation
and promote reforestation

No single organisation can succeed in driving change alone. That’s why we bring together industry, governments and NGOs to implement a range of solutions to end deforestation and restore important forest resources.

  • Forest preservation through commitments and community-based management.
  • Mobilising investments for conservation and farmer-friendly business models.
  • Reforesting based on clear strategies.
  • Promoting agroforestry to boost farmer income and combat deforestation.
  • Adopting a landscape approach.
  • Investing in an authoritative system for detecting and addressing deforestation.
  • Implementing interventions to raise farmer incomes and promote sustainable cocoa production.
  • Intensifying cocoa production through targeted agricultural practices.
  • Establishing traceability systems across the cocoa sector.
  • Strengthening national governance systems to address deforestation effectively.


Our goals

WCF’s 2030 ambition is to play a leading role to end deforestation and promote reforestation. We are focused on collective alignment and action, including enabling common systems and approaches that will make real impact.

What we do

Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are 17 global objectives for addressing social, economic, and environmental issues by 2030, with the private sector playing a crucial role in delivering these. Success in this area will address:

  • Building infrastructure to safeguard forests and foster cocoa sector growth.

  • Ending cocoa-driven deforestation, promoting reforestation, and providing consumers with a responsibly produced product.

  • Countering the cocoa sector's impact on the climate crisis, enhancing resilience for cocoa farmers.

  • Safeguarding biodiversity and environmental well-being in vital cocoa-growing biomes.

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